Criticism of Unruhe's 'In Memory of 9-11 Victims'.

Jason Unruhe, a political commentator from Canada wrote an article about the 9/11 attack. It was named, 'Yes, Amerikka Deserved 9/11'. He is not a Taliban guy but a Maoist-Third Worldist. It is odd. This is a reproduction of the article,
'“What about those who died on 9/11?” It’s a question I get asked often enough as a result of the notorious 9/11 video I made nearly a year ago.Others have asked me why I celebrate 9/11 and think it was a good thing that happened. Why do I mock the people who died and the country that suffered? In their view the people who died inthe towers were innocent people killed by Islamic terrorism. In other words, they didn’t deserve it, so why do I say they did?
Let me answer this straight up so that there is no misunderstanding: Yes they deserved it, and America deserved it. I also have a good reason believing so. America has caused suffering like what happened on 9/11 to countless millions, even hundreds of millions of people. The history of the…

Stalinism vs. Trotskyism Debate

Stalinism vs. Trotskyism

Comrade Iqbal : We always speak rationally and try to provide evidence. We the Trotskyists criticize Stalin because of reason. His destruction of most of the Revolutionary leadership and consolidation of power. His conversion of Comintern into a Soviet agency. His expulsion of dissenters. His alliance with Fascism. His incompetency in WW2 etc.

Bryan Holden : To argue with someone who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead,
As for people who are politically backward, communists should not spite or despise them, unite with them , convince them and encourage them to go forward.
Chairman Mao 1938

Comrade Geany : Alliance to Fascism? Oh come on Comrade! What alliance and incompetency? It is stupid to declared some thing like this! When there was no alliance to Fascism! And only due to the Soviet competence the Great Patriotic was was won!
Brian Holden : The victories of the Red Army in the historic battles of Mo…